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Various Scalextric Repro Parts

My apologies, but this page is so many years out of date, its almost useless, however it does server to showcase my casting skills, even though they have improved significantly over the years. I now make hundreds of replica parts for Scalextric and other makes, and the full list of parts can be downloaded here: Parts Catalogue


All Parts
Truck Fittings
C22 Porsche 917 Parts
C22 Porsche 917 Screen
McLaren M23
C3 Electra
C4 Javelin
C50 Lotus 72 JPS
C126 Lotus 77 JPS
C121 Tyrell Elf
C25 Ferrari 312 T2
Ferrari 312 T3
Ferrari 312 T
Ferrari 643 F1
Jaguar XJ8/9
Capri 3l
Ford XR2i
C26 March Ford
6 Wheel March Ford
Triumph TR4
Lamborghini Diablo
Honda Williams FW11
C48 Tyrell
Clear Pontiac Windscreen
Open Face Helmet Heads (early cars)
C52 Ford Escort Mexico Parts
Datsun 260Z Parts
1/24 scale Driver & Platform (Cox, Strombecker, etc)

I have recently been finding it more and more difficult and expensive to hunt down and purchase spare parts for my vintage collection. Even shadow wings are getting hard to find and will set you back $5 - $10 each. I had been reading with interest a number of articles on casting your own parts, and after having seen the results of someone else's work, I decided to take the plunge and do it myself.

My first foray into casting set me back about $120 and I had limited success. Some of this was due to one of the bottles going off before I got it. This was replaced free of charge and I started to get very good results. I am now using a number Barnes products such as EasyCast, ClearCast and PinkySil, as these have provided better results, come in much smaller (and cheaper) sizes and are now available at more outlets (including one in Richmond, VIC).

The pics below show just about all the parts I have started making for myself. I am gradually taking more detailed pics of each part, and will build up the gallery over time. The wings are the easiest, but the roll bars/engine covers with their fine detail and narrow pipes are a real pain in the neck. I don't ever intend going full bore to make and sell parts, but I do have a few extras already, and will be willing to help out the odd person here and there struggling to find replacement parts. In order to at least cover my costs I will charge 50c for small parts (heads & airboxes) and $1 for medium parts (small wings, large airboxes) and $2 for large parts in raw form straight out of the moulds. If you want me to file, sand and paint them up for you as well, then the price will be $2, $3 and $4 respectively, because of the extra time and effort involved.

I have just started to have some success with clear casting of windscreens, headlights and the like. I can do the March 721, Lotus 72 JPS and Ferari 312B2 F1 windscreens ($1 raw, $2 cleaned up, $3 tinted), as well as the Electra, Javelin, Cobra and Hurricane ones ($3 raw, $4 cleaned up). Can also do Cobra & M1 lights, with more on the way. Am still getting some very tiny bubbles and flaws in some castings, but am improving as I go. Will post some pics of these shortly.

For anyone who may be interested, my current list of parts I can cast include:

  1. C374 Williams FW11 Cannon & Honda Camel Wing Mirrors
  2. J111 Front & rear engine mounts & Mabuchi conversion pieces to replace J111 and SCX motors
  3. Rear Wing for C012 Shadow, C51 BRM & C26 March Ford
  4. C451 Lamborghini Diablo Rear Wing
  5. C130 Triumph TR7 Front Bumper & Lights
  6. C374 Williams FW11 Cannon Honda Rear Wing
  7. C124 Ferrari 312T & T3 Rear Wing
  8. C121 Tyrell Elf Rear Wing & Cowling section (very large - $2)
  9. C347 BMW M1 Rear Wing
  10. C004 Javelin Rollbar/Engine Cover
  11. Open & Full Face Helmet Driver's Heads
  12. Truck Chrome Parts (all except aerial)
  13. C084 Triumph TR4 Front Grill
  14. C012 Shadow Airbox
  15. C120 Brabham BT44 Airbox
  16. C051 BRM P160 Airbox
  17. C124 Ferrari 312T Airbox
  18. C120 Brabham BT44 Airbox & Rear Wing
  19. C143 Williams FW15C Renault Rear Wing (all variations)
  20. C003 Electra Rollbar/Engine Cover & Rear Wing
  21. Driver's Arms
  22. C050 JPS Airbox & Rear Wing
  23. C026 March Ford Exhaust Strut section & Front Surfboard Wing
  24. C078 AC Cobra & Standard GT Wheels
  25. C022 Porsche 917 Motor Cover & Rear Wing & Now Windscreens
  26. C025 Ferrari 312B Rear Cowling/Wing section (very large - $2) & side exhauts pipes (front wings in the near future?)
  27. C126 JPS Rear Wing (large - $2)
  28. C003 Electra & C004 Javelin & C023 Arrow & Team Cars Rear Wing
  29. C127 McLaren M23 Rear Wing & Airbox (not pictured)
  30. C135 Tyrell 008 Elf Rear Wing
  31. C138 Williams FW07 Rear Wing
  32. C129/C131 March Ford 240 (6 wheeler) Rear Wing & Airbox
  33. C078 AC Cobra Exhausts, Filler Cap, Headlights & Tailights
  34. 80's F1 Front Suspension Struts
  35. Porsche 962 Wheel Inserts
  36. C136 Ferrari 312 B3 Rear Wing
  37. Jaguar XJ8/XJR9 Rear Wing
  38. C319 Ferrari F1 643 Rear Wing (not pictured - all variations - front wings soon I hope)
  39. Bentley lights, fenders, screen, dash, steering wheel, handbrake, step up, filler cap and side chrome sections
  40. Windscreens for Javelin, Electra, Cobra, March Ford 721, Lotus 72 JPS, Ferrari 312B
  41. Various mirrors
  42. Ford Escort XRi2 Bumpers
  43. Hurricane windscreen, driver body, driver leg and head
  44. Clear Windscreen for Pontiac Firebirds
  45. R/E Offenhauser Exhausts
  46. Headlights for many 70's sedans (Mirage, Ford 3L, Ford GT, Ferrari P4, Porsche 917
  47. Lamborghini Muira grill, headlamps, front engine cover, rear grill & exhausts

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