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C083 Sunbeam Tiger Yellow (Restored and repainted in Geoff Byrd's Livery)

This car has been restored with my own repro parts, from what was basically just a body with badly cut rear arches, as can be seen from the original pics. However, I was fortunate enough that it still has the bumpers intact, which I used to make moulds so I could recast them for other projects. I was also able to re-use a previously made mould to repair the damaged rear gaurds. As the car needed a complete repaint anyway, to hide the repaired guards, I decided to make it a replica of an actual race version (built and raced by Geoff Byrd I think) that I found when browsing the web for Sunbeam pictures. Have recently started replacing all my old inkjet decals with laser decals (which I can only do at work). Although the inkjet paper meant I could print them at home in photo quality and in partial sheets, the edges still tended to bleed, even after repeated sealing, and the unused decals would get more and more brittle over time, so there was a lot of waste. Have also started sealing the decals after applying, so they don't dry out and flake off.

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