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Lola GT #40 Blue - Scratchbuild using resin copy of Monogram kit

This car has been built from scratch, using a resin body I made myself using the Monogram kit as the base to make all the moulds. Has taken a few months, as I've only been able to spend little bits of time here and there. I have tried to take photos right throughout the build, so you can see it's progression from raw shell to finished product. There is also a green version of this car as well, that I did in parallel (but a few weeks behind). I used a Slot Classic chassis, windscreen wiper motor, and GT hubs from Pendles. I have tried to keep the body as low as posible but there is not a lot of room, and I wanted this one to have the rear wheels as wide as possible to help with handling, wihtout looking ridiculous (it's quite a narrow car). I have put strips of lead down each side of the chassis to try to balance out the narrow track, and it drives very nicely now. I have also fixed the front axle in place using a suggestion of Bram's to also help stabalise it a bit, and stop the tyres from rubbing on the body.

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