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Aston Martin Ulster Green #8 - Scratchbuild with my own resin body

This car has been built from scratch, using a body I slush cast myself from one of Peter Donovan's old GP moulds. The chassis is from Slot Classic which is quite narrow, adjustable and has the fittings the correct way around for a bunch of windscreen wiper motors I got from Peter. Not quite as high revving as the Mabuchi, but a lot of torque, so can load up the chassis with lead to offset the very top heavy resin body. The wheels are some blank aluminium hubs with Bugatti inserts I made myself from an original I borrowed from Peter, and my own polyurethane copies of a Ninco tyre that fits the hubs very nicely. Not exactly period correct tyres (but then neither is the rather wide track of the reasr wheels), but very effective for running. The car handles very well thanks to the wider track than it should have and a fair bit of lead underneath.

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