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Revell Ford Mustang #63

After having acquired and restored an old Revell Cougar, I hunted around until I found a pair of old Revell cars, a Camaro and a Mustang. The bodies were in good condition and the motors ran, but it did need cleaning, servicing, rewiring and detailing of the interior. I also replaced the original tired old decals with my own, and added a few extras I made after a bit of research. As with the Cougar, the chassis was a bit strange, although effective, with a drop down arm. This model had the older long grey motor, which was surprisingly quick. The main issue was that the body sat up very high, but there was at least a 3mm gap between the body and the motor (and the wheels), so I ground down the mounting posts accordingly, which was quite easy on these models. The chassis still sticks out under the body, but its as low as I can get it, due to the whole design and thickness of the chassis. But as there is only a mm or so ground clearance, it handles quite well with my own polyurethane tyres cloned from the originals. I also did not like the guide assembly much, as it is quite big and thick, and the connectors can be fouled by the body if not fully inserted. But I was able to replace it with a scalex guide, by drilling out the hole and inserting a plastic sleeve to more tightly fit the scalex shaft. That sounds counter productive I know, but the existing hole was too loose, but not big enough to fit a strong enough sleeve. Also had to grind down the end of the end of the existing mount section to allow the guide and wires to swivel. Now it doesn't foul in the tight sections of my old track, and is much easier to maintain.

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