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2 lane Single Loop for 10' x 4' Board

This is a fairly quick 2 lane circuit, that doubles back in on itself once, designed for a 10' x 4' (3.3m x 1.2 m) board. While similar to the Double Inner track, this circuit is not as tight, with no radius one curves. While its not as long as the other, its designed for faster driving, as there are no tight curves, but it has only one long straight. Because I was using this primarily to lap-time all my cars for comparison purposes, I put a single cross-over track in the middle, so the cars do two full laps to make a complete circuit, using both lanes. This gives a good measure of how the cars handle both the open bends and the bends with barriers. I find the modern cars in particular do not like barriers, perhaps because the tyres are so low-profiles, there is no give as the run over the barrier clips.

The fastest magnatraction car on this circuit was a Black Lamborghini Diablo, in 11.174 seconds for a double lap (with the cross-over in). The non-magnatraction cars were a little behind, with a Ford Mirage in 11.659, being the best (which was 4th fastest overall).

If anyone has any other interesting tracks for small spaces, please send them to me.


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