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Polyurethane Repro Scalextric Tyres

I have quite a large collection of vintage cars, as well as vintage track, most of which is now well over 30 years old, and extremely worn and therefore quote slippery. About the only way I can get reasonable grip on my non-magnet cars is to keep buying new tyres all the time, use silicone tyres, or silicone coat my old tyres. Even the magnet cars handling is much improved with the use of new or silicone tyres.

Now I am sure you are all well aware of the cost of new tyres, particularly vintage ones, and with nearly 200 cars in my collection now, its an enormous cost to reshoe them once, let alone regularly. I have tried buying a few other collectors attempts at casting vintage tyres, but a combination of cost, availability and quality convinced me to try casting my own tyres.

I have found a reasonably priced polyurethane product called Easyflex, and the shore A30 product provides excellent grip on my old track as well as providing a strong and solid tyre that holds its shape and should provide a long-wearing life. I started off with a Shre 40 version, but the shore 30 gives just that extra little bit more grip.

I have made up moulds for all the different types of tyres in my collection, as shown in the pics below. But I can also do custom casting if you have a big enough order, and some original tyres to make the moulds from.

GT101 - Early medium Sedan "Dunlop" narrow (22 x 4)
GT102 - Early large diameter banded - Auto Union front (26 x 4)
GT103 - Early large diameter - Auto Union rear (30 x 6)
GT104 - Early large diameter banded "Dunlop" (21 x 6)(
GT105 - Early narrow generic front tyre (20.5 x 3.5)
GT106 - Early very large FJ rear "Dunlop" (25 x 4)
GT107 - Early large F1 rear (24 x 6)
GT108 - Early large F1 rear (22 x 5)
GT109 - Early medium sedan - Cobra (22 x 5)
GT110 - Early small sedan - TR4 (17 x 4)
GT111 - Early medium sedan/FJ rear (21 x 6)
GT112 - Early small sedan/FJ front (18 x 6)
GT113 - Early very large FJ rear (25 x 6)
GT114 - Early very small Mini FWD (15 x 5)
GT201 - Vintage F1 front/small rally slick (16 x 7)
GT202 - Vintage F1 front/small rally tread (16 x 7)
GT203 - Vintage F1 rear/large rally slick (21 x 12)
GT204 - Vintage F1 rear/truck tread (21 x 11)
GT205 - Vintage GT/Le Mans front (19 x 7)
GT206 - Vintage GT/Le Mans rear (22 x 7)
GT207 - Vintage GT/Le Mans Rear Wide (22 x 8)
GT208 - Vintage GT/Le Mans Rear Slick (21 x 9)
GT209 - Vintage GT/Le Mans Slick Low Profile (19 x 8)
GT301 - Modern F1 Front Slick (21 x 9)
GT302 - Modern F1 Rear Slick (21 x 13)
GT303 - Modern Ford GT40 X-tread (20 x 9)
GT304 - Modern GT Wide Slick (19 x 11)
GT305 - Modern GT Front Tread (17 x 8)
GT306 - Modern GT Rear Tread (19 x 10)
GT307 - Modern GT Wide Channel (19 x 11)
GT308 - Modern Le Mans Slick (19 x 8)
GT309 - Modern Narrow Profile (21 x 9)
GT310 - Modern V8 Slick (20 x 10)
GT311 - Modern Very Thin DTM (19 x 10)
GT401 - SCX Extra Wide Slick (19 x 13)
GT402 - SCX F1 Rears Tread (18 x 9)
GT403 - SCX Rally Tread (18 x 10)
GT404 - SCX Large F1 Rear Tread (21 x 13)

Tyre Dimensions: Outside Diameter x Tread Width (in mm).

These tyres are produced using a shore A30 Polyurethane casting compound, from moulds created from original Scalextric tyres. They should be very long wearing, and the grip will rival any new standard tyres. On my very old and worn smooth Scalextric track, they do not quite match the grip that silicone tyres offer. However, being a rubber compound they are able to be trued, and will not remove rubber build up, as silicone tyres are alleged to do, so should be suitable for all commercial tracks. Mind you, I have not had the opportunity to test them on any track bar my own, but if they offer excellent grip on non-magnet cars on my very slippery track, they should be excellent on all good surfaces.

Prices: From $1 to $3 pair, depending on size - discounts for bulk orders.

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