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Hamilton Island Golf Buggy - Scratchbuild using Diecast toy body

Recently had a weeks holiday at Hamilton Island, and was amused to find the customary mode of transport on the island was golf buggies, converted to carry 2 extra people on the rear (facing backwards). Saw some diecast models of the buggy, and couldn't resist buying one to convert into a slot car, just for fun. This is the final result, which turned out to be a little over-scale, even though it looked small in the box. Its built on a scalextric TVR chassis, as that was the only spare sidewinder chassis I could find that was narrow enough. I had to cut about 1.5 cms out of the middle to shorten the wheelbase, and then trimmed the front, sides and rear to fit. The front wheels are the originals, and the rears are the closest to that pattern that I could find. I cut off the rear of the original chassis and glued that onto the TVR chassis to make use of the rear mount, and then used a block of resin to make a mounting point under the front of the body.

I thought that it would be rather top heavy and might need a bit of extra weight in the chassis stop it tipping on corners, but because the whole body is quite heavy (its diecast metal, noT plastic), it actually runs and handles very well. I did deliberately choose an older lower powered mabuchi motor, but might up that to a standard motor at some stage, as the handling is much better than I thought. The driver and passenger are Carrera "Pit Babes", but they look a little small. Am not sure yet whether I will try to chop some height off the roof of the buggy, or make moulds of and copy the babes so I can then lengthen the arms and legs to make them closer to the scale of the buggy. Might also add a seat to the rear eventually to make it closer to how its supposed to look.

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