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Lola GT #39 Green - Scratchbuild using resin copy of Monogram kit

This car has been built from scratch, using a resin body I made myself using the Monogram kit as the base to make all the moulds. Has taken a few months, as I've only been able to spend little bits of time here and there. I used a Slot Classic chassis, windscreen wiper motor, and Slot-It blank hubs fitted with Lola inserts (also from the Monogram kit). I have tried to keep the body as low as posible but there is not a lot of room, and I wanted this one to have the correct inserts and havng the wheels sitting up inide the body. I have put strips of lead down each side of the chassis to try to balance out the narrow track, and it drives qite nicely now, but not as good as the blue one with the wider wheels and lower profile tyres. I have also fixed the front axle in place using a suggestion of Bram's to also help stabalise it a bit, and stop the tyres from rubbing on the body.

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