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Ford BA V8 Ute #68 - Scratchbuild using my own Resin body - Bushranger livery

This car has been built from scratch, using a Ford BA Ute resin body I made myself. Has taken me over a year to get this far, after being given a very rough conversion of a Scalextric Ford BA Falcon to a Ute, from a mate who wanted me to clean it up and make a mould of it. It had countless layers of thick paint, probably to hide the fairly rough finish around the Ute tray. Once I stripped off the paint, I was able to clean up and remove a lot of excess filler, fill in some of the rear body lines and generally give it the smooth finish it deserved and needed, before it was good enough to mould. The tray also sits a little too high, but I think that was a consequence of the retention of the original body mounts on a thin section of the rear end. This does make it extermely easy to mount on a spare BA chassis though, but probably does take a little away from the look (although its not quite as bad as the Holden VY tray.

I do have a few spare shells available for $15 each if anyone is interested. Its a very easy build, as it bolts straight to a BA chassis. Just file and sand down any excess resin (I've already filled in any bubbles), give it a good wash in warm soapy water (I use original velvet soap as it seems to have fewer additives and is non greasy), then undercoat and paint, apply your own decal livery and then a top coat of clear. I also have a Holden VY Ute conversion available.

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