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Strombecker Cobra Daytona - Red #32

I bought a couple of these Strombecker bodies (plus the Ferrari GTO 250) from a French ebayer, and have just finished off one of each. This model had a chassis, to which I was fairly easily able to install Scalextric running gear. The motor is a Mabuchi clone I got from a fellow collector, which has a little more torque but not as much speed as the Mabuchi, and with the axle extending out the opposite end. But was able to use some scalex and hand built conversion pieces to get it to fit. I also fitted the old style scalex guide holder in the chassis, as the existing mount was right under the front axle, and just wouldn't have worked well. The wheels and gears are all scalex, and had no problems fitting them. I also took the body apart so I could detail the driver. Considering how well the outside of the body is detailed its disappointing to me that Strombercker don't detail the insides in any way. All the decals are my own as well.

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