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Here are some links to various web sites relating to Scalextric and other types of slot cars or motorsports, that I have found useful or informative. I am aiming this list primarily at non-commercial sites.

Introducing Kids to Motorsports

This is a link that Donna & Emily from Student Hang Out, an alternative learning program for kids, asked me to add to my website, after finding my website during their research on Motorsports. While its not exactly sot car related, I think it's still relevant and I hope some of the visitors to my website find it useful.

The Old Weird Herald - The Most Dangerous 'Zine in Slot Car Racing

This is a fascinating US site that every slot car enthusiast should visit at least once. It has many informative articles about slot cars. Although there is little that is specific to Scalextric, many techniques and ideas can be applied to them. For example, there are artciles by Jack Stinson on creating your own silicone tyres, from the moulds up.

One of the most useful articles I found was on the making of "Silongies", which is a cheap and failry easy way of coating your old tyres with silicone, to give you extra grip. As my track is very old, I don't get decent grip on anything but silicone or silicone-coated tyres.

Slot Car Portal - Your doorway to the world of slot cars. A useful Scalextric site - you can preview their Scalextric reference CD, which lists all scalextric cars, wheels, buildings, tracks, etc.
Australian Scalextric Racing and Collecting Club One of the rare Australian Scalextric sites. They have info about the Australian club, and also have a message board.
Adrian's Slot Car World A personal Scalextric site (UK), of a similar nature to mine, describing and displaying his collection. has a lot of tips on setting up your own permanent track, and for maintaining your cars.
Southend Slot Racing Club UK Slot Car club site with lots of interesting articles.
Pendle Slot Racing Bulletin Board
UK Slot Car Bulletin board site with lots of forums, including one on Scalextric, and a reasonable rate of correspondence.
Armchair Racer A commercial Aussie site. Only included it because there are so few Aussie sites dedicated to slot cars.
VRS Race Timing Software Although this is a comercial site, so to speak, the timing software is available free for evaluation, and there are good tips here on wiring up your own sensors.
Yahoo Scalextric Group Not a site, but a good forum for discussing Scalextric stuff and swapping pics.
Slot Car Forum World Wide slot car forum - quite useful.
Auslot Car Forum Australian slot car forum - very useful site, although not as much traffic as the above one, its great for keeping in contact with fellow racers downunder.
Phil Page's Website A fellow collector's UK website, with info on his own Scalextric collection, and much, much more.



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