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I have quite a large collection as you will have seen from the other pages on my website. To build this up over many years, I have collected and/or won many lots of cars, parts, accessories and scrap from all over the place. Consequently I have accumulated a lot of stuff I am not particularly interested in, or that I now have too much of. Some of this takes the form of complete or at least running cars, that I either already have enough copies of, or are just not the type of car I collect. Some of it is just odds and ends that I don't think I'll ever have use for, or get around to restoring.

Every now and then I have a bit of a cleanout on ebay, but its difficult to know whether or not you will get a fair price for them. So I have decided to list them all here for your perusal first. I have tried to set fair prices based on the condition and rarity of each car, but I don't want to give them away either. I have spent many hours restoring this lot from what were once incomplete wrecks and cast-offs. Many have new cogs, contrates, guides and or braids and all cars are guaranteed to be in good working condition. Some are barely worth the cost of the parts used to fix them but I have tried to be realistic with the prices, and I hate to throw anything out.

I only charge for the actual cost of postage (which is about $8.95 in Australia, and starts from $23 for overseas), but to encourage multiple sales, I will offer free postage downunder if you buy two or more cars. I will also consider any reasonable offers, particularly if you buy multiple cars. I am also prepared to work out some sort of a swap deal if you have any cars or parts I might interested in.

If you would like to know more about any car, or would like to make an offer, please email me at , and we'll see what we can work out. I will also sell to overseas buyers (I do take Paypal), but please note that postage will be more expensive, and will depend on the number of cars, but I will only charge what the PO charges me.

I do have many other cars in my scrapbox awaiting restoration, and this will include more versions of the cars on sale here, so if you are after matching pairs or sets, let me know, as I may have another one or three that can be quickly restored. I am also prepared to sell other cars that I have multiple copies of on my website.

C126 Lotus 77 JPS Olympus #5 With Box ($60)
C121 Ford Tyrell Elf #3 ($30)
C050 Lotus 72 JPS #1($40)
C012 Shadow UOP Black #3($25)
C2612 VY Commodore Castrol #11 ($120)
Repro Resin Parts I have Cast Myself
Repro Polyurethane Tyres I have Cast Myself


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