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Hi, my name is Graeme, I live in Australia, and this web site is dedicated to my Scalextric (and other makes) slot car collection (you can read about me in my Contact section). Its fairly basic at the moment, containing primarily pictures of my entire Scalextric collection. However, I have recently started adding in more interesting information, such as tips, stuff wanted/for sale, and links to other Scalextric sites.

Latest Updates:

27/04/2022 OK, its been a couple of years since my last big updates, although I have added a few more cars here and there, mainly in the Aussie Supercar category, plus a few more V8 Ute liveries. I'd like to blame COVID, but I've actually been able to put more work into my hobby than ever before. I've just been so busy making parts and doing painting and decalling jobs for other people, that I haven't had time to keep this website up to date. However, recently I received a lovely email from a volunteer teacher (Sarah) with Student Hang Out, an alternative learning program for kids. They were researching motorsports from a kids perspective, and came across my website which they found quite useful and wanted to thank me. They also asked if I wouldn't mind adding a link to another research page a couple of her students (Donna & Emily) found that was aimed at kids, just to keep the information loop going, so here it is: Introducing Kids to Motorsports. Hope you enjoy that link, and please keep browsing through my site.
13/09/2020 Apologies to anyone who may have stumbled across this new duplicate website and discovered 90% of it missing. I went through a major exercise earlier this year of migrating all my pictures away from Photobucket to a local hosting server called Hosting Cloud. That went extremely well and the next step was to duplicate the Alphalink website to Hosting Cloud as well. Well, after proving to myself it would work, I got caught up with other stuff, such as new grandkids and COVID, and so nothing further happened. So this weekend, I started migrating all the webpages across, which is not a straight copy, as the code for the visitor counter was using a specific Alphalink feature, so I've had to replace that code on every single page, all 442 of them! I've also changed the full web addresses of each image to a local relative address, now that the photos are hosted on the same site as my webpages. As of today, the "Scratchbuilt & Other Makes" car section has been fully migrated and tested. I will slowly migrate the remaining sections over the next few weeks. You can see my original website at Alphalink, but once I have copied the entire site across, I will set up a redirection to this new wesbite, so I can maintain the entire website from a single source. Please bear with me a little while longer, and thanks very much for your patience.
16/04/2020 Have been very busy loading up all the new photos and HTML pages that I couldn't load up previously because of the photobucket issues. There are a number of new Fly and NSR cars, several more V8 Utes (including the new resin BA Ford) and a scratch built Batmobile, using a Polar Lights model kit of the TV series car and figurines. Have also loaded updated pics of a few other cars that I had missed or wasn't happy with. Am currently working on my timber track, fixing, repainting and adding more buildings and mechanic figures. Hope to post pics of the progress so far in the next few weeks, plus some more restorations and builds I've done during this COVID lockdown.
17/03/2020 OK, pretty much all my website photos across all pages have been migrated to the new hosting service! Please feel free to check it all out and see if its as fast for you as it is for me, and email me if you have any issues. The next step will be to migrate the website itself to the new hosting service. This may take a while, but I am not in a hurry for that step as yet.
11/03/2020 Big announcement today! After being very unhappy with service and interface at PhotoBucket for some time, and then their major datacentre failure from December through to February, the straw that finally broke the camel's back was the changing of their T&C's and plans without notification. I am now being bombarded with emails telling me I am over their newly introduced photo volume limit (apparrently my plan now only allows for 2500 photos) and bandwidth limit (thanks to those that have stuck with my site though all the recent issues). So I went on the hunt and found a new local Aussie hosting service (Hosting Cloud) that will also host my entire website as well as all my photos, for a lower monthly rate than what Photobucket want me to pay, without any lock-in contracts. My new website is, but it is not fully working as yet. I aim to migrate in 3 phases: 1 is to move all my photos to my new website host; 2 is to change all the existing photo links on my existing website to point to the new site instead of photobucket; 3 is to rebuild every webpage to be solely based on my new host. Once this is all done, I will deactivate the old site and put in an auto-redirect (if I can figure out how). So please bear with me as I slowly switch across, and please tell me if any page or photo links are broken. The new website host seems to be much faster than the old, at least in Australia, and I hope it will be just as quick elsewhere.
02/09/2019 Have been very slowly building my own resin Utes for the past year or so, using 2 rather rough conversions of a Holden VY and a Ford BA that were given to me by a fellow collector, who wanted me to clean them up enough to make resin copies of. You can see my first 2 VY builds under my scratch builds page (see Bob Jane Ute), and I hope to have a BA ute race ready in another few weeks. Happy to sell the odd copy to anyone who wants one. Am also intending to start selling off some of the cars I have multiple copies of (yes, I know I have said that before), so keep an eye out on my For Sale page and on Facebook.
23/04/2019 Apologies for being a little slack keeping this overview page up to datre. I have been adding a few new cars to my collection, just never seemed to have found time to update this particular page. Have added a few rare acquisitions recently, including a C36 Honda RA273 F1 (which I have been after for many years), another C37 BRM, several McLaren M4A Team cars and an Airfix E Type Jaguar.
01/12/2017 Have just finished restoring several 70's cars and have put them up on my For Sale page. I already have many copies of these cars, so they are surplus to requirements. Three of these are boxed, although the boxes are in poor condition, but all cars are guaranteed to be in good working condition. Most have new pinions and guides, and have been rewired.
07/05/2017 Have just finished restoring a couple of caterham 7's (Blue and Yellow), both of which had many damaged or missing pieces. Have also recently found a source of very cheap but high quality Avant Slot chassis complete with motor and aluminium wheels. Just testing out various spare bodies I have to see which ones will fit the wheelbase, for the first few builds, then will start working out how to lengthen or shorten them to suit other bodies.
20/11/2016 I have recently switch ISPs, so my email addres has changed to I am hoping I will be able to continue to host my website at the old ISP.
12/10/2016 After searching for a Monogram Lola GT slot car for years, finally managed to pick up an unmade kit, and decided to mould up all the parts so I could make my own copies. I have now completed my first 2 casts and builds, and am very pleased with the results: Blue and Green. As with the XU-1, have loaded up a whole series of pictures showing the build from the raw resin body to the finished car. I made a few extra kits, and am selling then for $30 each if anyone is interested.
20/05/2016 Finally finished my build of a resin Torana GTR XU-1, so have loaded up a whole series of pictures showing the build from the raw resin body to the finished car.
27/03/2016 I have been adding cars to my website over the last 12 months or so, but have forgotten to update this page. Mot a lot of new cars, as I've been doing a lot of work for others, but there are some recent additions. I've just finished two scratch-built resin GP cars, a Bugatti 35 and an Aston Martin Ulster, as well as some Revell and Elson cars, and am halfway through a build of a resin Torana GTR XU-1.
10/08/2014 Finally put some pics up of my new track mentioned below. Have also added a few new cars to my collection, including a scratch-built resin Hot Rod, and a number of Strombecker restorations, including a reliveried Cheetah in Bill Thomas's colours, a Ferrari P2, and an E-Type Jag. Been restoring a number of cars for other collectors as well lately, but hope to do a few more of mine in the coming months, once I finish building new furniture for our study.
10/04/2014 Have still been working on more restorations and orders for other collectors over the last few months then my own work, but have managed to finally put some chassis under some old Strombecker bodies I've had for a while. You can see these under the Miscellaneous section. Have also purchased some more PS2 chassis kits so I can start tackling the backlog of other resin kits, Airfix kits and various other odd bodies. I now have a semi-permanent track set up, about 1.2 x 4 mtrs long, and I hope to put some pics of it up shortly.
9/09/2013 Have been busy working on restorations and orders for other collectors over the last few months, but have finally been able to finish off the Charger and a handful of others. This included a scratch built Golf Buggy, using a diecast metal model I bought at Hamilton island, QLD, after a wonderful and relaxing holiday there. The golf buggies are the main mode of transport there, with modifications to carry 2 people on a rear seat. My model doesn't feature that yet, but will eventually. Another favourite is the restoration of a rather beautiful Strombecker Cheetah, which started off as a bit of a mess, but cleaned and polished up quite nicely. After the current backlog of parts orders is finished, I think my next projects will include a couple of Revell Corvettes and a couple of resin Hot Rods. Stay posted!
6/04/2013 Have been working on a variety of other projects recently, but have recently been working on a number of Strombecker cars (my own and others peoples). Most were just bodies, and I have put my own running gear into all of them, usually a combination of Strombecker and Scalex gear, depending on the model. Am currently working on a couple of scratch built Chargers, as well as working on some more strombeckers. Have also been doing servicing and conversions for other collectors, which helps to supplement my meagre Slot car revenue, which I in turn use to enhance and maintain my own collection. Have decided to separate the Scratch Builds and other makes of slot cars onto a separate page, as it was starting to get difficult to decide which page to add them to, so there is now an Other Makes/Scratch Builds page. Am still trying to reduce the size of my Scalextric collection by selling off cars I have multiple versions of, but haven't really been pushing it much, so feel free to make offers on anything you like.
20/08/2012 I have been a bit slack lately in updating my website, but have been gradually adding more cars to my collection and this site over the last few months. My latest additions include many mexican/spanish cars, such as C43 McLaren M9As, C47 Sigmas, C41 Ferrari 330s and C40 Chaparrals. I have also repainted a few Muiras (which I keep adding to my collection because I just love the shape of this car, the first of the modern supercars), and added quite a few new modern Scalextric sedans and GTs. Have also been continuing my scratchbuild work, including some MRRC bodies that I shoehorned some super thin Scalex FF motors into, and some Strombecker Testa Rossas, which are sweet looking cars, but needed quite a bit of body and chassis adjustments to get them sitting low enough to even remotely resemble the look of the original. I have a couple more of these bodies that I am going to try some different chassis and wheels on to see if I can get them looking even better.
4/01/2012 Blimey, has it really been a year since I added some new comments. I have added plenty of new cars to the site, a mixture of old and new cars, but just never got around to updating this section (I'd guess you'd almost call it a blog?). Have been doing some more scratchbuilds lately, the latest being an L34 Torana. I am currently building a couple of utes, and have finally started on the HK Monaro body I bought last year. Am still trying to reduce the size of my collection by selling off cars I have multiple versions of, but haven't really been pushing it much, so feel free to make offers on anything you like.
1/12/2010 Bloody hell, its nearly Christmas! Been many months since I've updated the site, but I have been busy and added quite a few new cars, mainly modern ones, but a few rare oldies as well such as an E Type Jag, some spanish 917K's, a Mercedes Wankel and some PowerSledge cars. I even have a VIP car in my collection now. Have still got boxloads of older vintage cars to restore, and am slowly getting through them. However, this has left me with the small issue of an ever growing collection, so I have decided to start paring it down a little. I have up to 4 or 5 versions or copies of the same car, which I don't really need, so I have decided to open up the collection, and will consider any reasonable offer on any car that I have more than 2 of. All cars will be cleaned, serviced and tuned as best I can before sending them off, so you are guaranteed to get a car that will go straight from the box to the track, and run, and run well. Postage within Australia will be a flat $5, regardless of the number of cars you buy, and generous discounts will be offered on multiple purchases.
9/06/2010 Been a bit slack lately with the website, even forgot to upload my latest updates in the 2nd half of last year. I did finish off the Triumph TR4's, and another Mercedes SL190, and am currently into restoring quite a few even older cars, such as an Aston Martin DBR and a couple of DB4's ( Green and Red). There are also a few new modern cars added in, and the next project will consist of several Ferrari Berlinettas and Lister and D Type Jags. I have also finally created a catalogue of all my parts, in Excel. Its here if anyone wants to check it out. I will eventaully put all these into a webpage with pictures, but with over 300 parts now, its going to take a while to get everything organised. But if you want any parts at all, just email me with your requirements and I'll get back to you promptly.
14/07/2009 Finished restoring a couple of Sunbeam Tigers (Red and Yellow). Am currently restoring a couple of TR4s, and another Tiger, and will add pictures of these as well, once they are finished. I also took a full inventiory of all the repro tyres I can make, and I have update my Tyres page to list them all, along with pics and dimensions. Am hoping to do the same for my resin cast parts as well some day. I have also started casting full bodies, and have done the C2 Matra Jet, C1 Renault Alpine and C15 Ford Mirage. An example of a finished Jet can be found here.
07/01/2009 Have just finished restoring a couple of vintage cars, and thought I'd add them to the site. The first is a C75 Mercedes 190SL and a C2 Matra Jet. I am in the middle of restoring another 190SL and a Sunbeam Tiger, and will add pictures as soon as they are finished, along with a full report of how I restored the Sunbeam which had the whole back end section of the body missing.
01/11/2008 I got a bit pissed at Image Shack because they lost another 55 of my images, causing broken links in a large number of pages. So I am now going through and gradually migrating all my pics to PhotoBucket instead. As well as being able to load multiple images at a time at no cost, it also preserves the file names whether you load them one at a time, or lots at once (unless the file already exists). It also allows you to organise your images into albums, which I really like, as I have over 1,000 images now. This is the 4th time I have noticed and reported missing images to ImageShack over the last couple of years, and I finally got a response after threatening to migrate to another site. If they had answered any of my previous queries, I would probably not have felt the need to leave. They did admit that they have had hard disk problems in the past few years, causing images to disappear, which they were unable to restore. They claim that won't happen now, but its too little, too late for my mind. As I am moving all the images anyway, decided to increase their size and quality slightly (I had to shrink the originals as they are way too big, even for bradband), as download speed for most people is not the issue it once was.

Have also added 2 restored C74 Austin Healys to my collaction, and am close to finishing off a couple of C75 Mercedes as well.
01/07/2008 Have added quite a few newly restored cars to my collection, including an FE Offenhauser, two Capris, two BMW 3.0s, another BT44 and a 3rd Escort. I also replaced 2 of my duplicated UOP Shadows with a couple of Shadows with the blue and red coloured wings, so I now have 4 different Shadows. The two older ones are up for sale, along with a few other cars that are excess to my requirements.
25/01/2008 Added a couple of new restored Minis and another Escort to the Sedans page. Also updated a few more cars with larger and higher quality images. Hope to get through and redo the entire collection eventually.
16/10/2007 Added a few more new F1 cars and a couple of recent repaint (Jaguar and Javelin).
16/08/2007 Added a few more new cars and also updated a lot of old cars with newer or better quality pics. Almost all the cars for sale have gone, but there are more to come soon. I have also added more entries to my cast repro parts page, including more clear windows and some 1/24 parts, such as 3/4 length drivers and driver platforms. I have also started casting my own repro polyurethane tyres, and have created a new cast repro tyres page, which provides details on each tyre.
01/04/2007 Quite a large number of new cars and updated pics added to the website recently, after some recent purchases, repaints and restorations. Have also added more recently restored cars to the For Sale page, and provided some more detailed pics of some of my own cast repro parts.
30/11/2006 Updated the For Sale page, as I have sold many of those cars. Have also updated several cars pics after doing further restoration work on some of the new Le Mans cars.

Have just added quite a few recently restored F1 cars to my For Sale page at what I think are bargain basement prices. I am offering bulk discounts on the total cost and postage, so please check them out an contact me if you are interested in purchasing or swapping any of them.


Several new cars have been added to my collection, including 4 Porsche 962's, 2 Jaguar XJ8's, a Sauber Mercedes, another Lotus 99T and a Truck, and finally a Commodore and Falcon. Have also added to the list of spare parts I can now reproduce, under the Repro Parts page, with more to follow shortly.

I have also started moving my larger pictures to the 3rd party hosting site ImageShack, to allow me to store larger and higher quality images. My current ISP has stopped allowing members to expand their locally hosted homepages, and as I was up to my limit, I couldn't add any more new images without downsizing all my existing ones. So far only the new and updated pages have the bigger and better quality images, but I will gradually update and/or replace all the large images. I have also started tagging all the new and updated pages so you can easily identify them.

30/05/2006 Have added quite a few new cars & trucks to the website, and also had a bit of a re-org, to split the cars into 3 lots - Sedans, F1s and Others (Open tops, LMPs, Trucks, etc). I now have 4 Williams FW11s, 3 Trucks and 4 C050 JPS's, with more restorations to come. Have also put up a complete list of spare parts I can now reproduce, under the Repro Parts page.
30/03/2006 Have been doing a lot of recent work on casting spare parts for my incomplete cars, and have updated quite a few pics with the finished products. This included Javelins, Electras, Diablos, Marchs and Ferrari 312B2s. Have also added a few more modern F1's to the collection. I now have 4 different Ferrari 643's and 3 different FW15C's.
14/02/2006 Added one of the Aussie Pontiac's to my collection, after picking up the body and chassis in a scrapyard auction. Fortunately I had the correct wheels and motor in my spares box. Also swapped wheels on the Yellow GTO and started working on my next batch of repro wings, which will include the C025 Ferrari 312B2 and the C121 Elf.
08/02/2006 A few more cars have been restored to completion, using my own cast parts. This includes all 3 March Fords that were missing front wings, and the Red Ferrari 643 which was missing the rear wing. Starting to run out of cars to restore now, they are nearly all complete. Just waiting on some new silicone tyres to shoe the latest F1's with, so I can actually race them! Hhmmmm! May be past time to update my collection photo above. The collection has changed and grown quite a lot since that was taken.
17/01/2006 Have run out of host space again, with all the cars I have added recently, to the site is not working 100% at present. Have resized all my pics down a fraction to reduce the overall size of the site by about 1.5Mb which will allow me to load up the remaining pics (which now includes the yellow GTO). But please be patient, as it may take me a couple of nights to upload and overwrite all the pics again on my dial up line.
17/01/2006 Have added quite a few new cars to the site. These include my 3rd & 4th XK220's, TR7's and Ferrari GTO's, and three more modern F1's, some of which will need some restoration work. Also managed to finish the casting, sanding and painting of 3 TR7 bumpers, to complete the three incomplete ones now in my collection. This was thanks to lucky pickup of a scrappy TR7 that still had the front bumper, even though the body was dirty and damaged. This was easily restored, and enabled me to finish off the other three. My next projects include making some new F1 molds from the good wings in my recent purchases, so I can restore the remaining ones, painting and attaching newly cast March Ford front wings to three I have that are missing them. I have repainted one of me new GTO's Blue (to reproduce the Spanish "Saba" version) aand am in the process of restoring and repainting the 4th Ferrari GTO, which I recently purchased as a scrapyard in parts, with no motor and the guide mount broken off.
13/12/2005 Finished another round of castings to complete more of my vintage cars. This included my BMW M1's (only 1 left to go) and 2 of my older JPS's. Also finally finished off the AC Cobra I was restoring from a damaged shell only, which completes my collection of four. Also added four new F1's to the collection. One was in bits and pieces in a scrapyard, and the 3 others I picked up in a single auction for a lot less than I expected. Just wanted to get some more modern F1's in the collection, to compete with the modern sedans, and to take to any race meetings I may attend in the future, as my older J111 powered vintage F1's were just not fast enough.
26/10/2005 Finally got around to finishing off some of my incomplete vintage cars using the parts I have been casting myself recently. Some Javelins and Electras have had the proper roll bars and drivers fitted, and all the 917's have their own complete wings (I only had one broken wing between them, which I swapped from car to car for the original photos. Some others have had the correct open face helmet drivers fitted in place of the full face ones. Have also removed all the cars from the For Sale page that I recently sold on ebay. I still have another Ferrari 312T3, Brabham BT44 and 3 shadows to restore, if anyone is interested. They will be added to the site in coming weeks, as I finish them off. My next major job is making up wings for my M1, March 721 and JPS cars (Thanks to Pat who has kindly lent me a complete M1 and JPS so I can make the molds).
26/10/2005 Did a bit of a clean up of the site, removing cars that I have sold, and adding some recently completed restored ones that are now up for sale. Also added some new pics of Myffii, and pics of spare parts I have started making myself.
30/08/2005 Added recent purchase of the "Mask" Pontiac, and finally picked up the parts to finish off the 4th March Ford, which was missing the rear chrome engine cover and wing. Still need to get or make a new front wing for it (and the others). Hoping to start casting my own parts soon, which will enable me to finish off many of my incomplete restores.
02/08/2005 Finally finished restoring an old AC Cobra wreck, which you can find here. I have also updated the restoration tips page to show how I made all the parts and finished it off. I also repainted two BRM's and acquired a new SCX Dome Judd. Have just picked up a few more bunches of wrecks off ebay to use to either complete some of my cars, or to restore for the fun of it. Will be putting up some left-over cars and parts on ebay myself shortly, and there could be more to follow once I have received, sorted out and either fixed up or used up from this new batch that's now on its way.
15/07/2005 Added a new page containing pics of the newest member of our Household - Myffii. She's 8 weeks old and gorgeous - click on her pic above.
08/07/2005 Have recently restored the first of a couple of Cobra wrecks I picked up some time back, and its pics are now included. I have also started documenting the various steps involved in my restorations, for those that might be interested, under the "Tips" section. I have also started playing around a bit with drivers heads, car numbers and trim colours to try to differentiate some of my F1's, as they were generally only issued in one colour. Thought this might be quicker and simpler than respraying some of them, and also helps retain their value. The JPS and Elf cars have all received this treatment, and I am still working on some of the others. Still have one more Cobra restoration on the go and a couple of BRM's to put back together, and will post pics of them once completed. AM also about to list my spare cars and bodies up on ebay, so if you have anything to swap for them or want to make me an offer, better get in touch soon.
17/05/2005 Added a couple more SCX cars to the site, thanks to Vlad. Have only got a few more cars to go to make to to 4 of each type. Hoping to get a couple of Cobra wrecks shortly, which may take a while to restore. Thanks to the "brumster" for sharing these spoils of a recent auction win with me, in exchange for a fully working Muira I managed to piece together for him. Could be busy on other things for a while, but hope to start respraying, finishing off and fine tuning some of the recent purchases later in the year.
28/04/2005 Added another batch of F1's to the site, that I finally finished restoring last weekend. Still have a little more work to do on some, but they are all now operational at least. This lifts my tally to 4 of each of the F1's, apart from the yardley BRM's. After all the restorations were complete, I was left with a spare Tyrell Elf (sans wing) for sale.
23/04/2005 Nearly ran out of space on my host server (only have a 20mb allowance) so need to whittle down my pics to make room for more cars. Decided to get rid of all my "top" views, as these don't really add much value and are not all that interesting. This freed up nearly 15% of my used space, allowing me to add more cars in the future, and also add more tips and techniques for restoring old damaged cars. May re-instate them one day if I decide to splash out and buy another 10mb of storage.
21/04/2005 Added several more F1's to the site, with quite a few more to come, after having recently picked up a few scrapyards. I now have four of each of my 70's F1's (apart from the BRM's). Many of these will need quite a bit of restoration work, so may be a few more weeks before they are all done.
29/03/2005 Modified the "Wanted" page, to reflect my latest needs for a couple of restoration projects. Will be adding some more cars to the site shortly.
01/03/2005 Added a couple new cars to the For Sale page. These were some wrecks I got in an auction for other cars I wanted. Decided to get them operational and sell/swap them off.
21/02/2005 Added several new cars to the site, including my 4th Porsche 917 (at long last!) and 4th F40. Also acquired my first SCX cars, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. The SRS Jag and Audi R8 were particularly good, and boy, are they fast!!!
20/12/2004 Added several new cars to the site, including my first Ferrari GTO, a Pontiac and my 4th BMW and Electra. Also updated quite a few cars' pics (notably the Cobra and M1's), after doing a bit more restoration work. I also recently doubled my space allocation, allowing me to increase the size and quality of all my pics - not by much, but noticeable all the same.

Finally picked up a Cobra, as a gift in return for a restoration project I worked on for a friend (Thanks Pat!). (Also managed to pick up a couple more Javelins and my 3rd Porsche 917 (one more to go!).

17/11/2004 Added several new car pages, after some serious purchasing and restoring (Javelins, Electras, M1s & others. Many more to come yet.
22/10/2004 Added WANTED and TIPS pages. Will also be adding a few new cars shortly.
07/10/2004 Sold three of my For Sale cars on ebay. The rest are still available for sale or preferably to swap. Have no immediate plans to put the rest up on ebay as yet, so make me an offer.
22/09/2004 Add some new F1's to the collection, and some new items up for sale. Also tidied up the thumbnails to make them all consistent in size.
14/09/2004 Added some descriptive text to each of the items for sale, to give you a clear idea of the condition of each item, and the reasons why they are up for sale.

Currently, my collection comprises approximately 70 cars, and over 300 pieces of track, plus heaps of accessories (barriers, flags, buildings, etc).

Most of my cars 1970's vintage GT style cars, and include 4 each of Muira's, Mirage's, Ford GT's , Ford 3L's, Ferrari P4's, Electra's, Javelins, M1's, Porsche 917's and an AC Cobra. I also have a few F1 cars of a similar vintage, some later Porsche 911's and several modern cars (1990's) such as Diablo's, F40's and XK220's. Have recently added some SCX cars to the collection.

©Please note that all the pictures featured on this site (with the exception of the borrowed Scalextric logo below) were taken and are owned by me, and standard copyright protection applies. You may download them for your own personal use if you wish, but they cannot be displayed publicly or used for any other purposes without my express permission, and an acknowledgement of my ownership.

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