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My car collection currently comprises over 300 cars, primarily vintage GT style cars, plus a few vintage F1's and a few modern GT cars.

I prefer the look and the feel of the vintage GT's cars from the 70's. Mainly, I guess, because thats what I started with, and my early collection tended to follow that trend.

I did add a few 70's vintage F1's, and they certainly handled better than the GT's, although they were not quite as fast. The more powerful motors of the GT cars gave you more acceleration, and straight line speed, as well as power to slide through the corners. This made the GT cars more fun and more of a challenge than the F1's.

In recent years, I added some more modern GT's to my collection, primarily because I really like the look of the Lamborghini Diablo's. I then added some F40's and XK220's to provide some competition, as the non-magnet cars could not really compete with the magnatraction cars. I have also more recently added several modern F1's, so I can be more competetive with other racers at slot nights.

For a while, I did remove the magnets from the later cars, but once the tyres on the newer cars started to lose their edge, the cars became almost uncontrollable. As it was easier and cheaper to put the magnets back on, rather than buy silicone tyres, so I put them all back on. May reverse this decision soon.

Surprisingly, once I discovered how to make my own "Silongies" (see The Old Weird Herald Slot Car site), putting a thin silicone coating over my old rubber tyres, the older cars were reasoanbly competitive with the magnatraction cars.

Click on any of the above pics to got to pages with a full list of all my cars. From there you can also view pics and details of each car.

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