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C052 Ford Escort 1600 Black (Mexico) #7 (Respray)

Bought this (and a Datsun 260Z) off a fellow Auslot forum member. It was in good working order, but had been painted orange, and was missing the bumpers. After stripping back the paint, discovered why it had been painted (many times). Under very many thick layers of various coloured paints, discovered that the body had been badly scratched and scraped all over, and was slightly distorted and had several cuts as well (thats how think the paint was - it hid all that damage). I then basically sytarted sanding and filling, and more sanding and filling, and priming and sanding and filling and more priming and more filling and more sanding....I think you get the picyure. I lost a lot of detail, such as the front a rear vents, and the door handles and filler cap are barely there, but I was able to restore the body panel join lines, and recover theoverall line and shape for the original car. As I had just restored another white Escort, decided to repaint this one black, partly to be different, and partly to try to hide any remaining fines scratches and dents. It took me several attempts to get a finsih I was happy with, and I also had a lot of trouble refitting the windscreen section, due to the distortion and damge to the body. It might even have shrunk a little with all the attention it has receieved over the years, as I had to grind down the front and rear sill s to get the windscreen to fit reasonably close, and it still does not fit as sungly as my other Escort. Finally finished it off with my own decals I made up from some scans sent to me courtesy of Phi Page. For anyone attempting a similar restore, I can supply front and rear bumpers and the grill section for this model Escort.

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