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C122 Mini 1275GT Yellow #3

This was one of 2 Minis I picked up in a scrapyard auction (see last pic - this was the one on the right). Both were damaged and badly painted, with many missing bits. This one had been painted red, with a white roof, and had a large elongated hole in the roof. The hole I filled with casting resin, and due to dulling of the plastic in various places, thought it best to completely repaint it, rather than just covering up the damaged roof with a decal. So I undercoated it to hide all repairs and blemishes, and then repainted it in the original yellow. Used the windscreen from the other one (which I have now copied), and made up all my own decals to dress it up with (include the chequered roof), and this is the final product.

The Mini on the left is still being restored, as the flared guards on all four wheel arches had been cut off!. I have recasted new flares using this car to make temporary clay moulds. Will take quite a bit of work to get it back to original condition, including a new windscreen as I pinched this one's for the other car.

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