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C141 Rover 3500 SDI #9 (Lowered)

This is a car I restored at the same time as a restoration of a few XR3is, figuring I'd kill a few birds with the one stone. This was in a real mess when I picked it up, along with a repainted Ford Escort XR3i in similar condition. It had been butchered a bit in an attempt to lower the chassis to improve the handling (which wored by the way). The locating lugs on the chassis had been removed, and tiny screws had been inserted at the rear of the body to hold it in place. Once it was all cleaned up though, particularly the windscreen which was badly scratched, it didn't look quite so bad. The windscreen was in terrible condition, but I was able to polish and buff out nearly all but the deepest of them. It still had the original(?) running gear but it wasn't working, and needed rewiring, new gears, new braids and tyres. I think it started off as one of the rare Aussie Bathurst "Johnston" cars, but all the decals had been stripped off, except the TAA one on the front bumper. Had thoughts of trying to restore it back to original condition, but decided that it (and its companion "Brock" Escort) would be too damaged to restore well, and besides, the lowering actually did seem to improve their driveability considerably. So, how does it handle now? I don't have another to compare it with, buit based on similar designed cars like the C125 Porsche 911, it handles very well . It is very easy to drive hard, and can be pushed and drifted through corners quite well. Check out the lowered Escort XR3i as well, which is not quite as stable and easy to drive, but is much better than other unmodified Escorts.

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