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C347 BMW M1 White #50 (Respray)

I decided to repaint this car White for a number of reasons, the primary one being that I already had 3 other Black M1's, all identical. I decided to try to turn 2 of them into repros of the spanish M1's, which came out in White, Yellow, Red and Green. The white and yellow paints I had were closest to the correct colours, and suited the cars best, in my opinion. I had to make up my own decals, to emulate the Spanish versions, and I think they came out pretty well. This car also needed new wheels, as it came with only two. A good friend (thanks Vlad) managed to dig up an old BMW M3 that he had no use for, so I was able to swap the wheels over to give this one 4 matching BMW wheels. It is also missing the rear wing and tail lights.

I recently started casting my own parts, and managed to borrow a complete version of this car to mould the rear wing from. Finally got around to casting, cleaning, sanding and painting up 4 of them, and applied them to all four of my (wingless) M1s. I have also recently started casting clear parts, and was able to cast the red tinted rear lights for this car.

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